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The Leading Edge Web-Based Warehousing Software Solution
SteelPartner™ is a closed loop coil tracking system designed to support material movement and processing within the steel industry. Northrop Grumman developed SteelPartner steel manufacturing software in 2001, with the help of the steel producers, outside processors and the AISI, an industry-wide eCommerce system. The concept behind SteelPartner is a transaction based system which is accessed through an internet portal.

Mills send data to SteelPartner via EDI transactions and SteelPartner loads this data into the SteelPartner website. Outside processor users logon to the website, enter their data as material is received, processed, and shipped. Behind the scenes, SteelPartner builds and maintains a secure order and inventory control system exclusive for that sponsor / outside processor relationship. Steelpartner then creates and sends the required EDI transactions to the sponsors as outside processor users enter data on the web.

Some key features of the SteelPartner™ system includes:

Software Features
  • Shipping Transactions and ASN EDI Communications
  • Material Receipt Confirmations
  • Production Reporting (Slitting, Blanking, etc)
  • Re-applications
  • Hold/Release
  • Material Transfer
  • Inventory Handoff
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Standard Reports
  • EDI Resend
  • EDI Transaction Review
  • Metal Certification + Chemistry Maintenance
  • Admin Defined Roles + Permissions
Software Benefits
  • Quick Setup
  • Real Time Information
  • Common Format / AISI Standards
  • Free Training
  • LOW Cost - No Need for an EDI translator
  • Internet Based - No software to maintain
  • 24/7 Monitoring Support for increased System Availability
  • Backups and Infrastructure - Data Protected by Advanced Data Center

EDI Capabilities
SteelPartner supports different formats of EDI. They include: Compord Version 5.05, ANSI X12 Version 4010, XML, EDIFact, and Flat Files. Within the supported EDI versions, specific transactions perform specific functions as defined by AISI.

Inbound EDI
Inbound EDI is sent from the Steel Producers to the processors over our steel ERP software system.
  • Material Transfer to OP
  • Mill Sourced
  • OP Sourced
  • Hold/Release by SP
  • Reapplication by SP
  • Chemistry Update
Outbound EDI
Outbound EDI is sent from the processors to the Steel Producers over our software system designed for ERP steel.
  • Inventory Maintenance
  • Update
  • Add
  • Delete
  • Inventory Handoff
  • Receive Material
  • With Damage
  • Planned Load
  • Material Transfer from OP
  • Single Load
  • Combination Load
  • Material Transfer from OP
  • Hold/Release by OP
  • Reapplication by OP
  • Production Reporting
  • Single Charge
  • Single Charge - Blanking
  • Single Charge - Mult Proc
  • Multiple Charge
  • Multiple Charge - Laser
  • Reapplication Acknowledge
  • Functional Acknowledgment