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Industrial Partnering

Welcome to Industrial Partnering
Industrial Partnering™ describes Northrop Grumman Corporation’s (NGC) software and e-commerce solutions designed to aid in supply chain management activities and improve channel communication within the metals industry. Northrop Grumman has extensive experience providing producers, processors, and distributors with tools to optimize and streamline business operations. From designing the modules, to implementation, training, and support, our IT experts are there every step of the way.

Some key features of Industrial Partnering:

Our Services
Constant shifts in economic demands and industries as a whole create a need for companies to continuously change the way business is done. These changes can come from anyone in the supply chain, whether it is logistics providers, suppliers, or the customer. Creating a lean supply chain can reduce the stress of having to restructure constantly. Using e-communication techniques can open many doors that were not considered before. Northrop Grumman offers industry specific solutions to meet supply chain and enterprise needs.

Supply Chain Consulting
If the thought of trying to connect your supply chain seems too daunting, or are lacking in resources and manpower, let NGC do it for you. With our highly knowledgeable team, we will be able to highlight strengths, diagnose problem areas, and offer manageable, effective, proven solutions.
Industrial Partnering™ combines specific IT solutions for manufacturing with maximizing supply chain efficiency with expertise to manage these applications. With our breadth of manufacturing knowledge, Northrop Grumman understands better than anyone, the needs of producers, processors, and distributors. The solutions we provide are not one-size-fits-all, giving us the capability to completely customize our products and services to specific customer requirements.
  • Reduce costs while improving productivity.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Real-time information to make better business decisions.
  • Reduce IT infrastructure and streamline operations.

NGC has developed both ERP & Supply Chain Management applications, each targeting specific issues manufacturers typically have. Incorporated into our SaaS products is the ability to connect with e-communication applications. These links allow you to virtually connect with trading partners and track material-inside your facility or anywhere in the supply chain. Using e-commerce and the internet provides a secure medium that increases collaboration and information sharing among users. E-commerce creates a best-of-breed approach which is a vital aspect when trying to streamline processes in today’s volatile economy. This approach will help to lower operational costs, increase productivity, and most importantly, increase the bottom line.