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OpenTrac Manager Warehouse

The Leading Edge Web-Based Warehousing Software Solution
In the fast paced world of warehousing, it is critical to quickly identify and locate current inventory, track expected inbound receivables and outbound shipments. The OpenTrac Manager™ System is designed to manage your entire business and provide transaction management capabilities to warehouses which store virtually any type of material.

With optional e-communication capabilities between your facility and your suppliers and customers, manual data entry hours and mistakes can be reduced significantly, increasing operational efficiency.

Some key features of the OpenTrac Manager™ system includes:

Software Features
  • Reorder Point Triggering and Alerts
  • Complex Pricing Agreements
  • Detailed Resource and Time Tracking and Recording
  • Multiple Units of Measurement for Unique Material Types
  • Track Incoming and Outgoing Material Across Multiple Transport Types
  • EDI Capable
  • Bar-Coding
  • Standard Reports
  • Security Privileges
Inventory Management
  • Material Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Management
  • Workstation Scheduling
  • Work Order Creation
  • Accounting Administration
  • Quality Control
  • Order Processing

What distinguishes OpenTrac Manager™ form the competition is the flexibility of its architecture and ability to streamline business functions. This “all-in-one” warehousing package can handle multiple product types, each with distinct and multiple units of measurement. Multiple transport types are easily setup and tracked as well. The resource recording and utilization modules make tracking employee and resources to specific jobs, sales orders, or functions simple, while providing the ability for projection, utilization reporting, data mining and comprehensive cost analysis.

With OpenTrac Manager™, the backbone of this product is based on Software as a Service (SaaS). Delivery of the data is hosted at our data center, with 24x7x365 monitoring and support. There is no need to purchase expensive servers and networking equipment, or hire programmers, engineers, or analysts. The entire infrastructure is handled by Northrop Grumman. Our turnkey approach helps customers succeed by lowering operational costs, increase productivity, maximize return on investment (ROI) and minimize risk.