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OpenTrac Enterprise

The Leading Edge Web-Based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Solution

OpenTrac Enterprise™ is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution to manage all aspects of a toll processor, service center, or producer’s daily operations. OpenTrac Enterprise™ communicates with vendors and customers electronically, providing users with control and management of their metals operations. This communication linkage is provided by Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and eCommerce applications that creates a distinctive advantage over other manufacturing software.

Our manufacturing software is suitable for both large and small manufacturers. OpenTrac Enterprise™ is a modularly built ERP software package for the steel and metals industry. This flexibility allows OpenTrac Enterprise™ to integrate with pre-existing systems to synchronize information in one central database. This data can then be accessed from any browser via a secure internet connection.

OpenTrac Enterprise provides the ability to track metal inventories of steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and specialty metals at multiple locations. Having one ERP software system designed specifically for the steel and metals industry allows all the information from three business functions - production, accounting, and sales - to be centrally located. Even if your customers have specific material requirements, these can easily be managed.

OpenTrac Enterprise™ provides ERP software functionality in the areas of:

Inventory Management
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • In-transit material
  • Attribute search capabilities-Coil, Bar, Plate, Pipe, Tube, etc.
Production Management
  • Metals Material Tracking
  • Shop Floor Management
  • Production Management
Accounting Administration
  • Order Processing
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoicing Customers
  • Buy/Sell Functions
  • Wi-Fi on-floor administration
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Capability
  • Bar-Coding and Scanning
  • Toll Processing Functions
ERP Report Writing
  • Managed Reporting Environment
  • Standard Reports, PDF, EXCEL and HTML Formats
  • Report Scheduling and Distribution
  • Graphing
  • Ad-Hoc reporting
Software Focus
  • Steel Software
  • Material Tracking
  • Metal Software
  • Aluminum Software
  • Copper Software
  • Metals Tracking- Coil, Bar, Tube, Pipe, Plate, etc.

OpenTrac Enterprise™ uses a cloud computing platform to deliver SaaS applications which are hosted at our data center, with 24x7x365 monitoring and support. With OpenTrac Enterprise™, there is no need to purchase expensive servers and networking equipment, no need to hire programmers, engineers or analysts. The entire infrastructure is handled by us. Our turnkey approach helps customers succeed by lowering operational costs, increasing productivity, maximize ROI, and minimize risk.