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OpenTrac Director

Tracking inventory costs, giving accurate updates to customers and knowing inventory levels at each location are all limited by software and the access to software.

OpenTrac Director™ is a supply chain management software application developed under the simple premise that improving the lines of communication with trading partners can help companies run more efficiently and become more profitable. We can help you:

Open Lines of Communication - The use of EDI and web portals allow suppliers, vendors and customers to now send and receive near real-time updates. OpenTrac Director™ is a supply chain management system, linking suppliers with vendors and customers.

Identify Your Weak Links - A supply chain is only as good as its weakest link. Trading partners have multiple connection levels, and accommodating these needs can be daunting. We can help you streamline your communication flow with the use of eCommerce regardless of connection levels.

Manage Accurate Inventory Costs - In order to ensure accurate profits, OpenTrac Director's™ built-in tools calculate inventory costs for bottom-line analysis. Recognizing inventory related costs like scrap, processing, warehousing, and shipping costs as they occur leads to better management of activities overall.

Increase System Availability and Reduce Overhead - Using our Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, there is secure access to OpenTrac Director™ with a web browser, internet, or network connection. With our application hosted at our secure data center with 24x7 monitoring and support, there is no need to maintain any infrastructure, monitoring, backups or disaster recovery, which helps decrease overhead.


Connect With Your Trading Partners
  • Use EDI and eCommerce Communications To Exchange Critical Information
  • Near Real-Time Data Updates
  • Validate Data With Your Customized Business Rules
  • No Need For Manual Entry
  • Drastically Reduce Your Dependence on Paper
Maintain Trading Partner Profiles
  • Maintain Your Customer, Vendor and Contact Information In One Central Location
Detailed Material Tracking
  • Track Material Anywhere
  • Maintain Activity Log for Materials
  • Track Reapplications To Different Orders
  • Perform Hold/Releases
  • Compare Processor Handoff Reports With System Inventory Records
  • Generate Shipping Documents and Handle Stock Transfers
  • Prevent Shipments To Customers Over Their Credit Limits
Order Management
  • Generate Quotes For Uncommitted Business
  • Automatically Generate Sales Orders From Quotes
  • Enter Purchase Requisitions
  • Approve Purchase Requisitions To Generate Purchase Orders
  • Track Material Against Sales Orders and Purchase Order, Including Fulfillment Status
Auto-Generate Business Document
  • Automatically Distribute Key Business Documents To Customers, Vendors, or Internal Contacts Via Fax or E-Mail
  • Transfer Certified or non-Certified Test Results Into The System To Be Relayed To Processors or Customers Via EDI
Forecasting and Planning
  • Accept Forecasting Transactions From Your Customers
  • Business Needs are Planned on Received Forecasts and Existing Commitments
Inquiry and Reports
  • Analyze Business Functions Through Dozens of Pre-Packaged Reports
  • Ad Hoc Reporting Capabilities to Create Custom Reports
  • Profit Analysis Capabilities
  • Dashboard Functions for Snapshot Views of Up-to-Date Performance